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The form's ACTION needs to point to either "/bin/script_library/form_handler_file" or "/bin/script_library/form_handler_mail". The first will save the form data in a file, named in the same way as the form, but with a .txt on the end (so if your form page is named 'mypage.html', the data will be saved in 'mypage.html.txt'). The second will email you the data instead, sending it to the address you gave Tripod when you signed up. You need a hidden input, named "end_display", which has as its value the name of the page that we should go to after the form gets submitted. You can use a hidden input named "required" to list any inputs that you want to make sure that the user fills out. If a required field doesn't get filled in, the user will get an error telling him or her to try again. Lastly, you can use a hidden input named "order" to specify the order in which you want data from the form to be displayed. Otherwise, it will be displayed in a random order.
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