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Do You Wanna Be a Sponsor?

    Thank you for your interest in our sponsor program
    We'll try to be as detailed as possible, without being
    too lengthy.If you have a question/concern that isn't
    addressed here, please feel free to send an E-Mail:
    I Have More Sponsor Questions

    If you would just list your freebie or contest,
    send E-Mail here: Add My Freebie

    How Often is My Ad Viewed?

    Based on the month of January 2000:
    Total Contest Entries = 2957
    Total amount of exposure to sponsors:
    2400 members x 4 ads = 9600 views
    Average contest entries = 592 entries
    Free Webpage + Slots on Prize Page
    & Bonus Prize Page=? views
    Well over 10,000 views per month!

    What Do I Get For Being a Sponsor?
  • 4 free ads in the Do You Wanna Freebie Newsletter
  • a contest web page that stays up for 1 month
  • listing on the prize accumulation page
  • listing on the bonus entry page
    Your ad can be changed as often as once per week
    Or you can carry the same ad for the entire month

    To see current examples of these pages in use, click the following links:
  • Prize Accumulation Page
    This Page Shows Graphics of all of the prizes available for that month
  • Bonus Entry Page
    This is where we make the money* for our website
    If the entrant answers 3 of the 5 questions correctly,
    they get an extra entry (of their choice) for that day.
  • Sample Contest Page
    Your Contest Page Will Contain The Following Information:
  • A picture of your product or service
  • Brief discription of your product
  • Any specials that you are running
  • Your contact info

January 2000 Contests had a total of 2957 entries.

    *All money originating from these paid links goes towards the purchase of more prizes, shipping, the cost of this paid tripod site, programs that are used for the site, etc. This site is not for profit-it was created for entertainment and as a learning tool.

    How Much Does It Cost?
    To be a sponsor on the website and in the newsletter, you must agree to furnish 1 prize on the contest site each month for as long as you remain a sponsor

    Examples of some of the prizes that have been awarded are:
    Ink Refills, Site Submission Services, Secretarial Services, Software, Scented and/or Ornamental Candles, Vases, Beanie Babies, Avon Products, Key Chains, Money Clips, Candle Holders, Thermo-Lift Weight-Loss Supplement, Red Lobster Gift Certificates, Ornamental Bells, Candle Snuffers, T-Shirts, Books, Gag Gifts....etc.
    You will be responsible for shipping the prize and no costs (of any kind) will be charged to the winner

Do You Wanna Freebie?