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Click us for
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'); window.parent.frames[1].document.close(); return; } beaniea[1] = "Aren't I just the cutest thing?"; beaniea[2] = "no!"; beaniea[3] = "Remember the salmonella scare 6 years ago and people stopped
eating eggs, even though they had eaten them all their lives ?
Look how long that lasted."; beaniea[4] = "It's all about economics and politics ....
and us poor cows are the victims."; beaniea[5] = "Anyway, what evidence do they have ?

Who is to say if we are crazy ?

Is there a special cow psychiatrist ?"; beaniea[6] = "Oh dear - it's time for me to go have my nipples squeezed by some machine."; beaniea[7] = "The things we do - we give them milk day in day out
... and then they slaughter us."; beanieb[1] = "It's all a load of bull if you ask me."; beanieb[2] = "By the way, my name is Gertrude -
all cows seem to be called this for some reason."; beanieb[3] = "I think my neighbour's had a bit too much weed.

Oi, try the grass."; beanieb[4] = "I'm starving : I could eat a horse.
Never mind, I'll settle for a beefburger."; beanieb[5] = "OK, whose cowpat did I just step in ?
I thought we all agreed to do it in the chicken shed."; beanieb[6] = "Cows know best when it comes to predicting the weather :

for example, you can expect increasing darkness tonight with
it brightening up towards the morning."; beanieb[7] = "Hey, it could be worse : you could be this old and still a virgin."; beanieb[8] = "... and I thought I disappointed my father ? "; beanieb[9] = "Roger me relentlessly with a red hot ramrod ....
is that what they call alliteration ?"; beanieb[10] = "Windows 95 was worse than being artificially inseminated ...
and we should know."; beanieb[11] = "Hey, don't miss Bill and Marc's excellent chat show -
though we think they are less intelligent
than us. The world seems to agree."; beanieb[12] = "Bet this webpage really enriched your life, didn't it ?

Dont forget to Mail the webmaster and let him know you liked this !"; beaniec[1] = "Oink oink oink, oink, oink, oink "; beaniec[2] = "No tengo dinero pero ....
Vamos a la playa, oh, oh, oh, oh,!"; beaniec[3] = "Hey ... who are YOU calling mad buddy ?
Look in a mirror first."; beaniec[4] = "Eh man, pass it round, you know what I'm saying ?"; beaniec[5] = "Oops upside my head , I said ooops upside my head. "; beaniec[6] = "Da Da Da ....

Prize winning lyrics from Germany."; beaniec[7] = "You are not what you think. But what you think, you are."; beaniec[8] = "Another marvellous use of Bandwidth. Long live The JavaScript Source !"; // End -->